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What are the main parts of electric motors?

Electric motors differ from internal combustion engines in significant ways. They produce power by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. To manufacture this energy, electric motors rely on a number of specialized parts. When electric motor trouble arises, it's often one of the main parts that is to blame. Here's a look at five main parts of an electric motor.


This is the electric motor's main moving part. By turning a shaft, it sends forth power to the relevant mechanisms. The rotor and stator interact through conductors that carry currents and generate force for the shaft to properly turn.


The stator plays a crucial role in creating the magnetic field needed to drive the rotating armature. Stators are typically made with thin metal linings instead of metal cores. This helps to prevent energy loss.

Air Gap

Between the stator and rotor, there is the air gap, which works to make sure that the magnetic fields interact effectively while producing power. If there's an issue with this gap, then power might not be generated at all.


Windings, which are connected to the commutator segments--- are needed to create the magnetic fields that---in turn---create the conditions for electromagnetic induction to occur.


In certain electric motors, commutators are used to intermittently reverse the direction of the current between the external circuit and the rotor.

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