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What are common symptoms of electric motor failure?

What are common symptoms of electric motor failure?At the first sign of a problem with your electric motor, you'll want to bring it to the shop for an inspection. This will give you the best chance to address the issue before it escalates and necessitates costlier repairs or replacement. At Industrial Motors & Machining, our local machine shop specializes in electric motor repair in the greater Denver area. And in the event that it's not worth the cost to fix your electric motor, we also offer electric motor sales and can help you with selecting the right motor for your needs and budget. Here are four signs of electric motor failure.


Overheating can be caused by issues such as excessive current and poor airflow. If your motor starts smoking, then you've got a clear-cut sign of overheating. To prevent complete failure of your electric motor, overheating should be immediately addressed.

Power Loss

Your electric motor may abruptly shut down if there's a short circuit or electrical overload. With a problem like this, it's possible that your motor's electrical system could get fried. Consequently, you'd need a new motor.


Heavy vibrations may be caused by loose mounting bolts. Because vibrating can lead to more serious problems with your motor, you'll want to quickly take care of this issue. When your motor is significantly vibrating/shaking, it's best to shut it off and bring it to the shop so a technician can take a look.

Decreasing Performance

When an electric motor exhibits worsening performance, there are various potential culprits to consider, including: inadequate lubrication, improper mounting, and a heavy buildup of dust. If you've noticed a dropoff in performance, then you'll want to bring your electric motor to the shop as soon as possible.

Electric Motor Repair in Denver, CO

When you need electric motor repair in Denver and the surrounding area, contact Industrial Motors & Machining Inc. at (303) 872-5981. At our local machine shop, we can address any of your electric motor needs. Feel free to give us a call today to ask us about our electric motor repair services!

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Posted: May 2022

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