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How to Safely Store Your Electric Motor

When electric motors are not integrated into a daily work routine, they're often stored for extended periods of time. By taking some basic precautions, you can help to ensure that your electric motor will function flawlessly when you take it out of storage. For shorter term storage, the main focus should be on making sure that the electric motor isn't exposed to water or extremely hot temperatures. It's definitely preferable if you can store your electric motor indoors. If you do have to keep it outdoors, you'll want to keep it securely wrapped in a fully waterproof tarp. When storing in a tarp, you'll want to leave enough space for airflow to prevent condensation from accumulating and potentially damaging the motor. For longer term storage, there are some particular tips that should be followed:

Surface Preparation

A rust inhibitor should be used on any surface areas. If the electric motor is stored in a location with high humidity, you'll need to apply the inhibitor regularly.

Safe Storage Location

Especially for longer term storage, it's best to keep your electric motor inside. This will help to keep it protected from Mother Nature. And because electric motors have significant financial value, you'll want to keep your motor in a space that thieves cannot easily access. For optimum protection, the electric motor should not be exposed to vibrations from passing trains or automobile traffic.

Bearing Care

For long-term storage, bearing cavities should be filled.

Shaft Rotation

Motors that have a HP capacity of 1500 or greater should have their shafts rotated weekly, while smaller motors need this to be done monthly. This will help to ensure that fretting doesn't cause damage to the bearings.

Windings & Brushes

Brushes should be lifted away from the commutator and/or slip rings. Whenever possible, springs should be relaxed. And you can use a space heater to keep a consistent temperature that prevents the winding insulation from deteriorating.

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Posted: July 22, 2020

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