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Finding a Good Machine Shop in Denver

Finding a Good Machine Shop in DenverWhen shopping for a machine shop for services such as welding, fabrication, and industrial motor repair, you want high quality work at a fair price. Follow these simple steps to find the best machine shop in your area:

Communication - Talk with the shop operator.

You can tell a lot about a machine shop during your first conversation with them, whether in person, over the phone or online. Asking questions will help you gauge their professionalism and knowledge, and if you don't have specific questions, ask about their process in delivering the service you need, and how long it will take. Trust your instincts to help determine whether the shop takes pride in doing quality work.

Scheduling - How long will it take?

If a specific completion date can't be provided, it's best to call another shop. You don't want to wait longer than expected for electric motor repair, then discover 'surprise costs.' If you're out a hoist, pump or industrial motor that needs quick repair because it's integral to your business, you don't want to wait. The best machine shop will operate with turnaround times of just a few days, as well as offering faster turnarounds on an emergency/rush basis.

Knowledge - Do the machinists have special training?

Exceptional machine shops employ experienced machinists who undergo continuing training to stay up on the industry. Membership in professional organizations such as the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) exemplifies a special commitment to quality craftsmanship, and if a machine shop is government approved for mil-spec repairs, it's a definite indicator they'll do a top-notch job for you, as well.

Experience - How many years have they been in business?

Shops in business for ten years or more are likely to have a proven track record of quality work and satisfied customers.

Affordable - There's a difference between cheap and economical.

Economical is good; cheap isn't. You want quality work at a good price, and asking good questions can help determine which shops care about doing good work and which don't. Price is an important consideration, but don't let it be the sole consideration to find a good machine shop in your area.

Reputation - How do they rate with past customers?

Ask for references or testimonials, and check reviews online. Read as many reviews as possible to sense how the shop conducts business.

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