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Helpful Tips for Properly Storing Your Electric Motor

Helpful Tips for Properly Storing Your Electric MotorIf you need to store your electric motor for an extended stretch of time, you'll want to take some preventive measures that will safeguard the motor against water and extreme temperature fluctuations. But if you do pull your electric motor out of storage and it fails to work properly, then the repairs should be entrusted to a reputable shop. At Industrial Motors & Machining, we specialize in electric motor repair in the greater Denver area. Here are some quick tips for safely storing your electric motor.

Proper Storage Location

To keep your electric motor optimally safeguarded against the elements, it's always best to store it indoors. Ideally, the indoor storage location will be somewhere where the electric motor won't be subject to vibrations from passing traffic. Another perk of indoor storage is that the motor will be better protected from thieves who are aware of electric motors' strong resale value. If you do have to keep your electric motor outside, it should be carefully wrapped in a 100% waterproof tarp. However, you will want to allow some space within the tarp for airflow so that you reduce the risk of condensation forming and then damaging the motor.

Use Rust Inhibitor

You'll want to use a rust inhibitor on any of the electric motor's surface areas. In particularly humid areas, the inhibitor should be reapplied on a regular basis.

Bearing Care

It's important to fill bearing cavities before the motor is stored for a long period of time.

Care for Windings & Brushes

By using a space heater to maintain a more consistent temperature in your storage area, you can help to prevent deterioration of winding insulation. Also, brushes should be lifted away from the commutator and/or slip rings. It's also important that springs are relaxed.

Regular Shaft Rotation

To prevent fretting from damaging bearings, motors with a HP capacity of 1500 or more should have their shafts rotated once a week. Smaller motors should have this done on a monthly basis.

Electric Motor Service in Denver

When you need electric motor service in Denver and the surrounding area, contact Industrial Motors and Machining at (303) 872-5981. At our nearby machine shop, we can address any of your electric motor issues. Feel free to give us a call to request a free electric motor repair estimate in Denver!

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Posted: April 2022

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