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Helpful Electric Motor Maintenance Tips

To keep your electric motor running strongly for as long as possible, it'll need to be properly maintained. If it seems your electric motor is running at less than peak efficiency, it could be worthwhile to bring it to a reputable machine shop for professional maintenance that will return it to top condition. Here's a look at four tips for proper electric motor maintenance.

Proper Lubrication

With electric motors, you'll want to be particularly careful that you don't overdue lubrication. When bearings get over lubricated, grease or oil may enter the windings and cause insulation to degrade. To help ensure that you don't use too much grease, you can use ultrasonic or acoustical monitoring. The acoustical signal will let you know when bearings have become sufficiently lubricated.

Moisture Control

If condensation accumulates in interior motor parts, rust could follow. By using grease that incorporates a rust prevention substance, you can help to ensure that this doesn't become a problem.

Avoid Vibrations

When not in use, you'll want to store your electric motor in a place where it won't be exposed to regular vibrations, ideally away from other motors that you regularly use. This is in large part because the vibrations may send away grease, which could then lead to metal-on-metal contact the next time you use your motor.

Keep a Maintenance Log

By keeping detailed maintenance records, you can be sure that you're conducting tasks as they need to be done, and that you're not duplicating any maintenance measures. Also, if you end up wanting to sell your motor, it'll help you fetch top dollar if prospective buyers can see evidence that the motor has been properly maintained.

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Posted: December 18, 2020

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