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4 Interesting Facts about Welding

If you're not in the industry, it's easy to overlook just how massive an impact that welding has had on the modern world. While there are some rudimentary examples of welding from the Bronze Age, technological advancements in the 20th century brought us to the familiar welding practices of today. Still, it's an innovative industry that will continue to evolve as the 21st century progresses. Here's a look at four facts about welding that you might not know.

Welded Products Everywhere

More than half of all products created by humankind involve welding. From kitchen appliances to automobiles to war ships, every day we work with equipment that has been brought into the world via the expert hands of welders.

The Robot Welder

In 1961, General Motors created the first industrial robot, which was used for spot welding. Called the Unimate, it was a huge motorized arm that was pre-programmed to consistently repeat a number of steps on the assembly line.

Welding in Space

As strange as it may sound, when two pieces of metal come into contact in space, they instantaneously weld together. This process is known as "cold welding." On Earth, there's a layer of oxidization in the atmosphere that prevents metals from automatically welding together. But in space, this isn't an obstacle.

Superfast Ship Construction

During World War II, there were rapid advances in industrial technologies, which allowed large-scale welding projects to be completed at a much faster pace. In November 1942, construction on the SS Robert E. Peary was completed after just 4 days, 15 hours, and 29 minutes. The rapid construction was in part due to a propaganda effort meant to show enemies that Americans could build ships at a faster pace than they could be sunk. The SS Robert E Peary was ultimately present for D-Day, serving off the coast of Omaha Beach. She was eventually scrapped in 1963 in Baltimore, but her welders served a major role in bolstering the war effort.

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Posted: November 20, 2020

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