Pump Repair in Denver

Pump Repair in DenverPumps are used in all sorts of applications to move liquids and gases. They range in size and weight, as well as operational method. If a pump suddenly halts operation it could be disastrous for the business or other people who rely on it. Quick repairs need to be conducted, and at Industrial Motors and Machining, that's exactly what we do. If you need pump repair in Denver you can count on us. Here are a few of the ways we can complete pump repair.


If a seal fails in a pump it could result in complete failure of the pump as a whole. We can replace seals with factory style replacements, ensuring that the operational ability of the pump is restored..


Bearings that are unable to spin in a smooth manner, or at all, will obviously affect the abilities of the pump. Our expert technicians can repack bearings are replace them if that is the best course of action..

Power Leads

Damaged or corroded power leads need to be repaired using the proper parts. We stock a huge inventory of parts to ensure that power leads are properly restored..

Impeller Service and Replacement

In many cases of pump failure it is found that the impeller will need to be replaced. Have no fear, we can conduct this service quickly, using high quality parts..

Mechanical Repairs

Any additional mechanical repairs can be completed by our technicians. This includes alignments, machining of parts, welding, vibration analysis and repair and anything else needed by your pump to restore its operation.

At IMM we service all types of pumps, including centrifugal, close-coupled, plunger, water boosters, vortex, split case and others. To request pump repair in Denver from Industrial Motors and Machining give our team a call at (480) 351-6068. We will be happy to provide you with a quote for our services.

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